Promoting Independence Through Functional Fitness
What is S.A.G.E.?

SAGE: n. A wise person, of gravity and wisdom especially a person venerable of years, of sound judgement and prudence, a grave philosopher, a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics.

S.A.G.E. (Seniors Aging Gracefully with Exercise) is a one-on-one functional fitness program that encourages participants to be independent, safe and mobile in their home. Our functional fitness assessment and subsequent individualized program focuses not only on a person’s strength, mobility, and endurance but especially a person’s ability to perform their activities of daily living. For convenience, our Senior Personal Trainers come directly to our participants home (whether that is a private home or retirement community setting ...including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing). There, we focus on a customized fitness program to address the specific needs and goals of each individual.


Physical and psychosocial activity that is designed to maximize independence in daily life skills as well as to prevent future debility and illness.

"The S.A.G.E.TM program has been a tremendous help to me recovering from a total hip replacement." - Gail (75)

Our mission is to offer an exceptional service that is preventative and can significantly impact a positive change in the lives of older adults. We have a passion for and a strong commitment to the aging population recognizing the importance of health and fitness for all.
We offer

• Private, one-on-one service where you, the client have 100% of the trainer’s attention.

• Customized and goal focused, our programs address the specific needs and goals of each client... individually.

• Our focus is on “Functional” Fitness- promoting improved independence, safety and mobility.

• In-home service—our trainers come to you, whether you live in your own private home or a retirement community setting... including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and dementia care.

• Our Certified Senior Personal Trainers have excellent skills, training and experience in senior wellness. With a compassionate and respectful approach, we build trust, achieve goals and foster caring relationships with our clients. We also prioritize consistent contact with client family members and serve as an advocate for our clients’ overall wellbeing.

For a free in home assessment or for further information please contact us.
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